Cage Rattle Managed Hosting = Peace of Mind

Web hosting and management for businesses small and large require significant expertise and time commitment, which can be a huge drain on a company’s resources. Cage Rattle Creative allows your company to devote time, energy, and resources towards supporting innovation and growth in your business by managing your critical Web assets. We know you expect your Cloud Services to be Secure, Reliable, Scalable, and Sustainable. With the Cage Rattle Managed Cloud you will get the Service/Support you need now and flexibility to keep pace with your growth in the future!

  • Secure and Reliable We have enterprise-class data centers around the world, from San Jose to Singapore and Dallas to Amsterdam, with a fully redundant infrastructure, automated failover and offsite data replication.
  • Scaleable Let our team of cloud specialist work with you, learn about your business and build the cloud infrastructure that’s right for your company right now—and into the future.
  • Sustainable Our team of Cloud Administrators, Database Engineers, and Technical Account Managers are here for you! 24×7 access to the Cage Rattle support Team means help is just a call or click away!


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Help At The Touch Of A Button

All Cage Rattle hosting packages include the necessary CMS and Security updates to keep your site rock solid and open for business! Every CMS (Content Management System) requires numerous security and release updates throughout the year to run optimally. These updates maintain industry standards for browser compatibility and site security. Failure to keep up means your site may break or not work in certain browsers or secure settings. This can be quite time consuming, taking 2 hours per month on average.

Need new content published yesterday? Every day? Tired of waiting? You know that adding quality content to your site can be a daunting task as well as a time and resource drain. Cage Rattle will keep your website content fresh and updated, we maintain your web assets so you can focus internal company resources on the core operations of your business.

Our support team is here to handle these “mission critical” tasks for you! Whether your business requires a dedicated support team and/or support via customer portal, Cage Rattle Creative has you covered.

A few of our Customer Portal features:

  • Manage DNS records for all your domains and subdomains
  • Create user email on demand
  • View and manage support tickets
  • Access to your team 24x7x365 via Email and Web
  • Billing and Payment Support