Creative Services


What they see is who you are…
Nothing is more critical to a brand or product than a creative, eye-catching logo! Cage Rattle provides original logo services & complete identity packages for businesses that demand strong branding services to build upon.

  • Custom Logo Design – Your logo serves as a customer’s mental and visual picture of your company–So it must be memorable and outstanding! The Cage Rattle Team will work with you to capture your vision and brand concept, then update or create a professional logo to meet that vision. Your logo will be print-ready and one you’ll be proud to include on your website, communications and marketing materials.
  • Print Collateral – We will not just consult on your Brand and Logo…Cage Rattle is here to help you get the word out! Cage Rattle print services enable you to present your brand/logo across multiple channels: business cards, letterhead, mailing envelopes and more. We are here for you!
  • Social Media – We know keeping up with the ever-evolving social networks is time-consuming and confusing. Constant tweaks are being made to the banner, logo and page requirements for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Cage Rattle will not only develop your initial social networking logos, banners, and covers, we will keep your custom pages up-to-date and fresh.

Web Design

Its better to be looked over, than overlooked…
Cage Rattle believes that a website not only describes who you are, but is a vital component to your business that facilitates your communications and transactions with customers.

  • You only get one first impression At Cage Rattle, our brand-savvy design team understand that customers get those impressions from your website. We aim to create far more than just another website; we’re here to help influence your market and give you an edge on the competition!
  • The professionals behind the scenes  A successful web presence requires professionals to ensure it works smoothly on all devices, ranks high with search engines, and utilizes the best technology for the job. Cage Rattle understands there are a lot of technical choices to be made when it comes to building a professional website. From step one, our Account Managers, Design and Development teams work with you to choose the solutions that are right for your business. Cage Rattle utilizes the latest open-source technologies–making sure you have a stable foundation to build your business on and keep options for the future open.
  • We design with search engines in mind Cage Rattle doesn’t simply want your customers & visitors to enjoy, use and admire your website–we want search engine robots and spiders to find it with ease! Search engines are continually evolving their search algorithms, criteria affecting the way they rank sites. At Cage Rattle, our websites are created using techniques that increase your rankings in the search results of all popular search engines. Our designers and programmers continually fine-tune design methodology to create optimum web content that will ensure your site ranks high on any search site.