Meet The Team

  • David Neill

    Managing Director

    Dave is our Creative Director and Cage Rattle’s solutions architect, instrumental in the firm’s digital strategy and product development.

    As founder and CEO of Cage Rattle Creative, David’s web and media clients include Sony, Disney, Warner Brothers, and AEG. Dave has held leadership positions with telecom giants MCI and Qwest.

    David is a US Air Force veteran and studied Business at SIU Carbondale.

  • Michael Gaines

    Operations Director

    With over 15 years experience deploying national and global data networks for telecom firms Verizon, British Telecom, Qwest, and AT&T, Michael is our operations oracle, specializing in Project Management, process implementation, and execution.

    His team is part of the project from planning to deployment to ensure your project runs smoothly.

    If he has any free time its spent…Michael has no free time.

  • Jeff Wood

    Development Director

    Jeff leads our development team, driving innovation within our open source environment. He is hands-on during the entire solution lifecycle from concept to deployment

    Jeff’s focus is on bringing best of breed, enterprise class applications to our clients and exceeding expectations.

  • Greg Artime

    UX Director

    With over a decade of web design and development experience, Greg excels in mobile web design, W3C industry standards, and has extensive skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. His team is responsible for the quality of every experience and interaction on a Cage Rattle website (no pressure here!). In his spare time Greg is a freelance concert photographer

  • (Nic) Cagey

    Head Rattler