PPC Bid & Budget Management
Powered by Machine Learning

Optimize campaigns in your sleep with 24/7 bid and budget management powered by machine learning. No need for historical data.

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Simplify the complexities of PPC

Self-learning algorithms ingest and analyze data across advertising platforms from morning to night.

CAGERATTLE utilizes the leading AI technology for cross channel PPC management. It includes bid and budget management, budget distribution, and local lead estimation. 30+ intelligent algorithms work in harmony to optimize spend and increase clicks or conversions. Campaign data such as seasonality, day of week, time of day, location, ad platform, delivery device and more is considered in each intelligent bid and budget decision. Easy-to-use-controls ensure you can tune the algorithms to campaign objectives.

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The Benefits of AI-Powered Bid & Budget Management

Access New Audiences

Connect with 50+ Ad Exchanges & Networks in 150+ countries

Create new audiences with precision
via 60+ data partners